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We Are Phenomenal Properties KC, The Most Totally Awesome, Funny & Phenomenal House Buyers in Kansas City… And There’s No Doubt About It!

We are a home buying company, known for our honesty and fair cash offers. Creating a win-win outcome is our main focus, and we understand that doesn’t come from giving you a low-ball offer. We do our homework and keep our renovations cost effective in order to always offer you our highest and best price.

house bought for cash and flipped in Lenexa, KS

Just like any other company, our goal is to make money. But that doesn’t mean it comes at the expense of you. In fact, we are extremely transparent about how we calculate our offers. This business was started because we love buying and fixing up houses, but helping lives in the process is just as important to us. So if you are in a situation where we could help, simply fill out the form below to get started:

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Reputable KC House Buyers

We are legitimate cash home buyers in Kansas City, and we buy houses for cash throughout the Kansas City area. If you need to sell your property quickly and want an honest and reliable company to give you a competitive offer, it costs absolutely nothing to receive an offer from us, and you have zero obligations to accept. Our services are always 100% free.

We are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

We do things the right way at Phenomenal Properties KC. We take pride in our business and what we do (in case you couldn’t tell by our website). This business is a lot of fun for us, but we take you and your situation very seriously and treat you the right way.

Do We Look Like Some Cool Local People You’d Have A Beer With?

We hope so! We are people just like you. To us this business is not just about making a quick buck off the misfortune of others. We care about your situation and want to do what we can to help you.

That is why we don’t just consider ourselves a Home Buyer, but we are just as much a Life Helper.

Professional Home Buyers In Kansas City

…and we make great beer!

Speaking of having a beer with us… we brew up some pretty good ones ourselves. About 6 years ago we got really into the craft beer scene and tried our hand and making it at home. Now we serve at festivals, enter competitions, and host an annual tasting event.

It’s something we are extremely passionate about, and it sparked our desire to do more things we enjoy like buying and fixing up houses and helping people.

If it hadn’t been for this, we may have never gotten out of the corporate world and we wouldn’t have gotten to help so many great people in Kansas City.

We Buy Houses In All Areas Of KC

Just like you, we are people that want to be treated with respect and compassion. That is how we treat everybody in KC, regardless if you end up working with us or not.

You need to know that we are a legitimate company that can buy your house as promised. But you will ultimately need to feel comfortable selling to us to make that happen. That is why we have dedicated this page to our website. We value honesty and transparency, and we hope that makes you excited to work with us!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. Whether you need to sell your home fast for cash or list with a local agent for top dollar, we can help. Find out how much we can offer for your house in cash!

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The Company

We are a local house buying company that offers cash for properties in Kansas City. We buy houses for cash which allows us to close quickly because we do not rely on traditional financing from banks. We buy houses, multi-family homes, and townhouses in any condition in the KC Metro area.

Intro to Phenomenal Properties - Your Trusted Cash House Buyers in Johnson County and Kansas City

Kansas City’s Trusted Cash Home Buyers That Will Buy Your KC House

We are in the game to buy houses in Kansas City, but that’s not all we care about. Our #1 goal is not to buy as many houses as we can… we focus on buying the right houses. These means that we buy homes that need major repairs or are in such bad shape that a bank probably won’t approval traditional financing. Since we purchase KC homes with cash, we don’t need lender approvals to buy your house and we can close much faster.

Our Kansas City Home Buying Specialties Include

  • Kansas City homeowners facing foreclosure & need a quick sale
  • Properties in need of expensive and major repairs
  • Solving title and lien issues
  • Inherited properties
  • Landlords wanting to sell nuisance property with or without tenants
  • Sell property with NO closing costs or commissions

We Help Homeowners Who Need to Sell Fast Because of

  • Relocating for a new job
  • Bankruptcy
  • Medical issue
  • Divorce
  • Inheriting a property
  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Bought another house and need to sell to pay off current mortgage

What We Stand Behind

  • Find a Win-Win For Everybody: Selling to us is not always the right thing for homeowners in need of a quick sale. We will always strive to find the solution that works best for homeowners and give good advice as to how to sell fast at a fair price.
  • Follow Through: Always follow through on what we will say we will do. We take GREAT PRIDE in following through with buying properties and closing on-time.
  • Be Honest and Fair: If we have a signed contract, we will not renegotiate the deal and beat you down on the sales price and repairs. We stand true to our word! Not only do we purchase homes for cash we buy houses in “AS IS” condition and assume the responsibility for all repairs.
  • Make a Difference in Kansas City: We help troubled homeowners get out of tough situations. We boost the business of independent local contractors. And we provide beautiful new homes to the great people of Kansas City.

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