What Makes Phenomenal Properties KC a Trusted Cash House Buyer in Johnson County and Kansas City

Intro to Phenomenal Properties - Your Trusted Cash House Buyers in Johnson County and Kansas City

AJ Chinn: What’s up everybody? AJ Chinn here with Phenomenal Properties, your house buyer and life helper in Johnson County and Kansas City. Hopefully you found our website. Maybe you came across this on Facebook or you were doing a Google search and you found Phenomenal Properties and now you might be wondering who we are. We are a professional house buying company in Johnson County (Kansas City). We provide you with a fair all cash offer for your house.

Working with Phenomenal Properties in Johnson County (Kansas City) to sell your house is quite a bit different than working with a licensed real estate agent. Our offer is all cash and is not contingent upon any sort of bank financing, so our sale can go through quickly. Also, our process  doesn’t involve any sort of commissions or fees.

There are a lot of reasons that you might want to take the route of selling your house in Johnson County (Kansas City) to a house buying company like Phenomenal Properties. Certain situations include facing foreclosure, or maybe you got a new job across the country and need to sell within a few weeks. You may have also inherited a house. Dealing with the passing of a family member is difficult enough and having to deal with selling a property doesn’t make things any easier. You might not want to have to go through that process and you want to get it over with quick and easy. Or maybe you just don’t want to deal with listing with an agent and having to pay commissions, make those repairs and wait months to get those proceeds in your pocket.

So you might be asking yourself… what’s the gimmick? This seems too good to be true. You might have negative connotations about real estate investors and house buying companies like Phenomenal Properties. We’re here to show you that we’re extremely reputable in the Kansas City area and are here to work with you and make this a win-win situation for everybody. Phenomenal Properties takes the time to understand your situation, rather than just throwing out your all cash offer saying, “Here’s the number. Here’s what we’ll purchase your house for.” We take the time to get to know your circumstances and help guide you to make the best informed decision that puts the most money in your pocket.

There are a lot of different things that sets Phenomenal Properties apart from other house buying companies in Johnson County (Kansas City). First of all, Phenomenal Properties is not a wholesaling company. A lot of other cash buying companies in Johnson County (Kansas City) are what you would call wholesalers. They agree to buy your house for a certain amount and they simply turn around and sell that house to another investor for more. Say for example, you made an agreement that they would purchase your house for $150,000. They turn around and sell it to another investor for $170,000. Essentially, they’re going to get $20,000 just for “buying” your house. That’s not who we are here at Phenomenal Properties. When we say that we are going to buy your house, it is us buying your house. We are going to do all the renovations and the house is going to stay with us from start to finish in our process to make it phenomenal. We’re not here to make a quick buck off of your situation.

Another thing that sets Phenomenal Properties apart from other house buying companies in Johnson County (Kansas City) is that we are also licensed real estate agents. If it makes more sense for you to sell your house with a traditional listing, then we’ll let you know. If you have the time to spare and there are no expensive repairs, your situation may fit the bill to list your property with an agent. If that route is going to end up making you more money, then that’s what we’re going to suggest. A lot of different house buying companies in Johnson County (Kansas City) will try to convince you that listing with an agent is not right. That it’s too expensive. When in actuality, in a lot of situations, it actually makes a lot more sense to list the property with an agent to get that top dollar. And not only will we let you know that, we can also help you with that.

And last but not least, everything at Phenomenal Property stays with us. We are 100% percent local. Our contractors are independent, local contractors. We list our houses ourselves. We rent and manage our properties ourselves. Everything is local in Kansas City. We are very proud of Johnson County and Kansas City and what it has to offer. We are not a national company. We are trying to make money, but we do spend money too. And when we spend that money, we want it to stay local. We want it to stay in Kansas City.

We’re always looking for that win-win situation for everybody. Obviously, this is a business and we are here to make some money, but we want to make sure that you get the most money in your pocket and we want to keep Kansas City looking phenomenal. So if there’s anything that we can do for you or that we might be able to do for you, make sure and call us, shoot us a message on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for watching and remember… we only have one life, make it phenomenal.

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