Phenomenal Properties KC

We love houses… maybe just a little too much.
Our passion for fixing up houses to provide amazing new homes
has helped us created the ultimate dream job.

Because we are awesome! But seriously, we are a reputable local business accredited by the BBB with plenty of satisfied clients. Not to mention we value honesty and transparency. We highly recommend getting quotes from our competitors and agents to make sure you get the best price for your house.

AJ Chinn

Cash Home Buyer, Real Estate Agent, Statistician & Very Average Golfer

Hello! My name is AJ Chinn, the face that runs the place. I started Phenomenal Properties KC which is a local Kansas City real estate home buying company.

We are a team that helps people who want to sell a property quickly. We are based right here in Lenexa, KS.

I have spent most of my life in Kansas. I grew up in Topeka and graduated from K-State. I love Kansas City and all that it has to offer. It is hard to imagine living anywhere else.

I live in Lenexa with my better half, Sam. Together we enjoy building our illustrious garden and exploring the Kansas City restaurant and brewery scene. I am an avid home brewer myself, and I am always thinking of what I am going to brew up next. If I’m not in the garden or brewing, you can usually find me working on my golf game or building something new.

I’ve been helping people buy, sell, and rent real estate for many years. And I am an experienced Kansas City real estate agent. At Phenomenal Properties KC, our goal is to find the selling solution that best fits your situation.

Selling a home with a real estate agent typically takes several weeks or several months, but that doesn’t work for everybody. Another route is for you sell to a local Kansas City cash home buyer like us. We buy houses all over Kansas City but primarily in the Johnson County market.

We buy houses in Kansas City in order to restore them their full potential. Phenomenal Properties KC takes great pride in building homes for the people of Kansas City. Not only are you able to sell your house fast, but another family is going to have a wonderful home in no time!

Kansas City Cash Home Buyer

At Phenomenal Properties KC, we know how to buy a home in just 10 to 14 days. So if you really need to sell a house fast, then we can probably help.

We’ve helped people who were in foreclosure, inherited a house, needed to move quickly, had too many expensive repairs to make, and many other stressful real estate situations. We help homeowners by buying their property in a very short time.

If you want to talk to someone with tons of real estate experience, then we are here for you. We help people by first listening to what they need. Then we can create a solution that will get them moving on with their lives.

Maybe you have questions about your specific situation. If you are wondering if someone would really be interested in buying your property in just a few days, then just call us at 913-912-6262 or contact us here. We are usually able to give homeowners a fair cash offer to buy their home in 24 hours.

We are local right here in Lenexa, KS. We know the local market. We can act fast. That means that you can have a fair cash offer in your hand very quickly.

In 14 days or less you could be walking out of closing with cash in your pocket and your house sold. How good would that feel?

“I was relocating for a job and needed to sell my house fast. AJ was professional and answered all my questions. Highly trustworthy and can’t say enough good things about them”

-Tony R.

Our Promise To You

We promise to always be transparent and forthcoming in our business with you and to never take advantage of your situation in order to benefit financially.

While we are a Home Buyer, we strongly believe in our other duty as a Life Helper.

We take the time to not only understand your situation but to walk you through all of your options. Finding the best solution is more important to us than getting a contract signed, even though that doesn’t always mean working with us.

We are people like you that want to be treated with respect and compassion, so that is exactly how we treat everybody that we work with.